Hope to see you this weekend, October 5 and 6
SATURDAY: 9 am- PARC walk, Norton Park
2 pm- Blessing of the Animals on our lawn
SUNDAY- 9 am worship. Bishop Jim Hazelwood preaching. After worship, Continental Breakfast and Forum led by Bishop Hazelwood. Copies of his new book will be available!
From Pastor Bob's review of the book as posted on Amazon book page:

This is really a wonderful book. The author writes in a refreshing, straightforward and engaging style. Jim Hazelwood is an engaging writer as he speaks powerfully from personal experience. In fact, he locates our experiences, including our most ordinary ones, as the place where we meet what Bonhoeffer labeled the 'beyond in our midst'. An individual who struggles with institutional religion and the dogmas, doctrines and laws it espouses, will find in this book a really refreshing approach, one which affirms the importance of ' loving the questions themselves'. Those comfortable with religious language and doctrinal formulations will find that the author points them to the underlying depth that such language only begins to describe.
I am pleased to suggest that you read this book and find a way to share it with others in conversation! Drawing insights from poets, theologians and the experience of everyday living, Jim Hazelwood presents an approach to spirituality worth exploring, day in and day out! Bottom line.


Sunday mornings are a special time at Grace! In addition to our 9:00 service, something is almost always happening soon thereafter. On any Sunday, you can get some refreshments and on the first Sunday of the month, you can enjoy a delicious brunch. Sundays after worship is also a time when we offer educational programs. Here is a look at the next few Sundays:
SEPT 1- First Sunday Brunch
SEPT 8- FORUM looking at Lutheran Christianity
SEPT 15- FORUM exploring a practical look at how to apply reading the Bible to real world issues facing us today....Lots of folks like to use the term ‘Bible believing Christian'.....What does that REALLY mean?
SEPT 22- Pastor Bob invites high school students to join him for a discussion and to explore future Youth activities!
OCT 6- FORUM with Bishop Hazelwood, our guest speaker, as he discusses his new book EVERYDAY SPIRITUALITY
All are welcome!


BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, an amazing film- A commentary by Pastor Bob

Our Pastor went to the movies last night and here is his commentary from his Blog. Note: His occasional blog posts may be found at

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, a wonderful film!

Last night I went to the movies and saw a truly incredible film. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, while not about Bruce Springsteen, tells the true story of a young man in England who was inspired by Springsteen. We are not just talking about someone star struck by a celebrity here. It was Springsteen’s lyrics and passion that led to the young man’s deepened self awareness and ultimately to liberation for him and for those whom he loved.

In commenting on this film, I don’t want to give too much away. However, I am not exaggerating when I say that the film is profoundly real and is a commentary on the needs of society and the capacity that words and music have to inspire us and revive our spirits! There are a lot of mediocre movies out there these days. The really good ones, in my view, are few and far between. This is one of them!


Some possible questions....................

Oftentimes, in looking at churches, people have questions about some of these topics listed below (and more). You can get a response to these questions by contacting Pastor Bob via email or the contact form on this page:

  • Having a child baptized

  • Being baptized as an adult

  • Being married by a clergyperson in religious ceremony

  • What does being Lutheran mean? What is the difference between and among churches?

  • What if I want to consider joining a church? what do I need to do?

OR………………anything else of importance to you………………..

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Perhaps you have questions about religion, Christianity, or church. With so many conflicting opinions out there, it can all get very confusing. Oftentimes, people get turned off from ‘organized’ Christianity because of experiences that they have had. We hope our church community is a place where you can feel comfortable if you have questions to ask or would like a conversation with others. That’s one of the reasons we hold regular Forums which give folks an opportunity to learn, while making room for them to ask questions of importance to them. In addition, if you would like, our pastor is also available to respond to any questions/concerns you have . Feel free to use the contact form on this web site!

‘‘ Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart …and try to love the questions themselves’-

Ranier Maria Rilke