welcome to our web site!

If you are thinking about finding a congregation with which to connect, we invite you to consider coming by for worship some Sunday morning at 9 am. We also encourage you to be in touch with our Pastor who may be accessed through the contact form on this web site.

Here is a brief message from Pastor Bob:
If you are checking out this web site and are not a member of this congregation, perhaps you are also exploring local churches and considering attending a worship service some Sunday morning. Please know that I am available if you would like to talk and/or have questions about this church community. If I can answer any of your questions, I would be more than happy to do so! Wherever you are on your life’s journey, you and your beloved are welcome here!

Pastor Bob

Please feel free to contact us—-You can send us a message or question by using the CONTACT US button on the top right of this web site.

If you ever wish to explore the possibility of being a member of the church, you may CONTACT OUR PASTOR vis the CONTACT US tab on this web site or by calling the church at (860) 747-5191.

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We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings! Here is our Sunday morning schedule:
9 am- We gather for a service of worship in our sanctuary. The atmosphere will be welcoming, but you won't find any pressure. If you are not familiar with our service of worship, no worries! The style of our service may vary from week to week and our pastor walks us through the steps of that Sunday's service! You will be invited to receive Communion, if you choose. 
Worship usually lasts for about an hour
Coffee and other refreshments are available after worship

ON AT LEAST TWO SUNDAYS EACH MONTH, our pastor leads what we call a ' FORUM'......This is OPEN to adults and teens......AND...It is definitely open to anyone just inquiring about church....SO, please don't feel you need to be a member or regular participant to take part in this forum.



You may have questions about any number of ‘church related’ matters….Those questions are welcome here!

  • Perhaps you have questions about baptism or confirmation for yourself or children or about a marriage ceremony within a church context…

  • Perhaps you have been away from church participation in a while and are considering going back….but don’t want to be pressured….

  • Perhaps you have been disillusioned by the institutional church….

  • Perhaps you want to reconnect with a church community..

  • Perhaps you want to find a place where your questions are welcomed…..

  • Perhaps you are confused because of all of the different churches out there and would appreciate a chance to learn more

  • Perhaps you would like to explore the Bible and some of the controversial issues affecting us in society and want to do so in an open , comfortable setting….

Please consider visiting us some Sunday morning at 9 am at 222 Farmington Avenue in Plainville- and please don’t hesitate to contact us through this site( see CONTACT US), by phone or on our Facebook page-